5 de março de 2009

Cantam por mim

Choose Love

I choose to hide
But I look for you all the time
I choose to run
But I'm begging for you to come
I wanna break
But I know that you can take
I stay a while
To be sure that you're by my side

Don't look at me, just look inside
'Cause I can go through
Tell me, are you goin' tired
Of what I don't do
I wanna see, I wanna fight
'Cause I don't feel scared
Honey, if you care

I choose to find
Things that you left behind
I choose to stare
But I can take you anywhere
I wanna stay
But my soul leaves you anyway
Can close the door
And love, could you give me more


Don't wanna hear,
I wanna fight
'Cause this time I won't be wrong
And I can waste this precious time
Asking where do I belong
So let me know your love is real
'Cause this time you won't control
Tell me please, what do you feel
Do I have to save your soul

Rita Redshoes

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Simples Maria disse...

Compreendo-te tão bem!!!!!